Sunday, October 15, 2017

Seagull Island Park

   Today I went back to visit a sim that I have spent a lot of time at over the years. This is another great place that has hidden treasures everywhere you look. Relaxation is the focus here with many areas to explore. It has the feel of a fishing village to me. Little shops to take a peek in line the dock.Taking a walk along the buildings on the waterfront you will spot different interactive items such as chairs to sit in while watching the water for the mermaid that likes to pop up, if you are lucky you may spot her swimming around. Many waterfowl birds are scattered throughout the area as are other animals that you may catch a glimpse of during your visit. If you get thirsty or hungry there is a little stand near the end of the dock to click on to get some goodies to fill up your belly. Not far from the landing area  there is a small nudist beach, which is the only place nudity is permitted in public, for those who enjoy spending the day in the sun working on that tan. Across the water there is an old wrecked ship that I noticed what I think was an octopus watching me. Next time I will have to take a closer look to be sure once I get my courage up.

    There are trails and paths that take you to a lovely waterfall  where nearby I lingered taking in the sound of water splashing as I drank my coffee while resting on a bench. Scattered around also there are cabins and tent sites for those who love the outdoors. Pathways that go up the mountain take you to a spot with chairs,picnic tables and a lounge or vacation home where you have a great view of the lighthouse and water tower plus the mountaintops.If you follow the lower paths you will come across a wooden walkway that crosses a small waterfall along the rivers edge and then up to more cabins. If you love the great outdoors then this sim certainly contains everything you need to enjoy yourself.

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