Saturday, September 30, 2017

Summer Winds and Winter Winds

     While I was looking through Flickr photos I spotted a few of the Summer Winds sim so for the past few days I have been wandering around the buildings, nooks and crannies at this scenic sim. This is an Adult rated sim designed by a very creative artist named Mexi Lane.The area is filled with tunnels that lead to cozy little seating spots hidden amid caves for public use.The Peperonico Club can be found near the landing point through a narrow entrance offering a cozy music filled  atmosphere . I noticed numerous shops located in among the cliffs and canyons being displayed in Greek-Roman style buildings that are certainly worth checking out. High above the cliffs are lovely fall colors that are sure to bring out the photographer side of anyone. I hopped a ride on a teleporter near the club  that surprisingly transported me to an urban style building that houses beautiful artwork by  Mexi Lane.Taking a stroll along the waters edge you will find places to cuddle or just sit quietly looking out to sea while enjoying the roaring sound of the ocean waves. In another section  there are residential homes and small islands scattered around with the blue sky as a backdrop making the sim even more enticing.
       Perfect  sim for exploring all the  hidden spots with friends or that special someone. Residential homes, shops and public areas sitting on beautiful scenic land that I enjoyed immensely. I hope you enjoy these photos and take some time to visit Summer Winds.

Landmark takes you to the landing point near the club.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


                                           Yamagata......An oriental themed sim

    Every so often you come across a sim that no matter how many times you visit you will always find something you didn't remember seeing the last time you were there. Yamagata is one of those sims. Today I took a walk along  stone paths , through wooded areas, sitting next to the water looking out into the horizon when I noticed buildings up on a hill that I hadn't seen before. Being an explorer and naturally curious I made my way to the top of the hill to discover a  darling oriental style home with a fantastic view overlooking  the mountains and waterways. So many areas where you can relax alone with your thoughts or spend time with friends and loved ones. When you TP to the landing you can click the sign to receive a note card that gives details on the  sim such as joining the group for rez rights, landmarks to other sections to explore plus a welcome to Yamagata. From sanctuaries to fishing huts and ruins you will not be disappointed in your visit. The owners say in the land description some things stay the same but others will change as its a work in progress and I have to say what a wonderful progress it is.   Here is the link to  this beautiful serene sim in Second Life.

A bit more about my passion in Second Life...Photography

   I have taken my love of photography and ran with it in a virtual world. Every place I visit has something worth snapping a photo of whether it's an ocean,mountains or people. It has never been my intention to change what I see in others creativeness but just enhance it with minimal photo editing. The last few years I have discovered that one of the things that makes me happiest in Second Life is photography. Each of us enter  a virtual world for their own reasons , hopefully finding happiness in wherever we end up. My gallery in Second Life..Photos by Nillia