Sunday, December 16, 2018

Soul2Soul Regions

       Soul2Soul Regions are beautifully landscaped places that were a pleasure to explore. There are  5 regions each with residential and public areas scattered through out  the sims . Everything from beaches to winter wonderlands  make this a photographers dream for great photo ops. When you teleport to a region there is information available about rentals and their website,which is great because it has the teleport locations to all the regions and any available houses mentioned. The owners do welcome bloggers, photographers and anyone to visit  but they ask that you respect the resident's homes which are private. I snapped so many photos during my wanderings, maybe I went a bit overboard, but I couldn't help myself because the lands are just so beautiful and  alluring. Rather than post all the  landmarks separately I decided to share their website because it  does an absolutely fabulous job at  giving you all the details and landmarks. Hopefully you will take some time to enjoy these regions and soak in all the creative beauty.

                                              Thames River Valley

                                              Highland Scottish Isle

                                              Mediterranean Village

                                               Stunning Waterfall Lake