Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Psy City

                                                           Psy City

The City where Music comes alive, Thingies and Co., Thingies and Co, UREMBO Haute Couture, the Backdoor,Urban,Vintage, Live Musicians, Zoo, Wedding, Beach Volleyball, Park, Metro, Sewer, Art Museum,Teegle Horse friendly, " Mesh Viewer required ", WL Foggy

        I try to get back to this sim  every so often as it has long been one of my favorites. The founder of the sim does an amazing job at designing and keeping it updated. Often while exploring you will see her , Louise Françoise de Dampierre , the owner out and about. She is very friendly so don't hesitate to say hi to her. Often I go and just sit in the Backdoor club , which is tucked away underground,enjoying the ambiance of the place even when there is no music event going on. The town area has a nice small zoo with a few animals, a quaint little museum and hotel that has a bit of a shady feel to it among the many places of interest to visit. If you are feeling artistic stop  and  help paint a mural on one of the outer walls of a building. Everything is supplied from the paint  to ladder and roller. Don't forget to take in a movie at the old drive in or maybe be a lifeguard for the day .
         As you stroll out of town you will notice an old church on your way to the beach. The lighthouse looms high in the sky next to a ferry that you take to a little island. There are also beach actives like volleyball, sunbathing, and of course visiting the old fish shack. Next to the pier and shack there is  a yacht and airplane that makes great background shots for your photos. I hope you enjoy this sim as much as I have over the years.


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