Monday, November 6, 2017

Malal's Autumn , The Cedars

    If you are looking for a beautiful sim in full autumn season this is it. Brightly colored leaves of yellows, golds and reds are scattered throughout the land. Amid all this is a quaint country village style town center with outlaying areas to wander around in or hop on one of the bikes for a ride through the countryside. After a visit to the tea room, Salon de The, for a light  meal  I was ready to explore again. There is a refreshing rain shower that seems to make it even more realistic while moving along the build that I found to be very enjoyable. When leaving the town center you will come upon brightly colored yellow fields with stone buildings also a  white picket fence that frames a cute country cottage brings even more charm to the land. Not far from the town is the bus stop where I took time to sit and read the newspaper before venturing farther down the road. So many things to see from the classic covered bridge to the giant chess game set, animals and vintage trucks.  Hope you enjoy your visit.

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