Thursday, December 21, 2017

Love Story: Season of Joy

    Winter has brought out so many activities at this public land. If you are a photographer wanting to take some great pics  or just looking for a place to enjoy spending time with friends you will find it here. Cuddle spots bring out the romantic side of most people so check those out too. I spent an evening taking in the view of the lighthouse shining brightly welcoming me to the sim. The elf trying his fishing skills on one of the docks saved me a nice little seat next to him where I sat for awhile waiting for him to catch the fish of the day. The boats docked there were perfect for photos so of course I did snap a few shots of them. From there I wandered over to the pond to do a little ice skating with more elves who seemed to be having a lot of fun before they headed over to help out at the Christmas Tree Farm. My next adventure was making snow angles with a friendly elf who was being as lazy as I was. I got the impression he liked to spend a lot of time there playing in the snow :) .
     Take some time to try out the ski lift which I decided not to do because of my fear of heights, yes even in SL my  RL fear has carried over lol.  But I did sit on one of the seats before I chickened out but it did  give me a better view of the buildings and grounds below.  Close to the ski lift is a pretty little church with a small seating area behind it in a lovely building that is  perfect for  collecting your thoughts. The main street has stores for shopping along with dining areas and  if you look  up in the sky you may spot Santa and his reindeer preparing for his big trip. I heard he welcomes passengers who like to cuddle.

     If you join the sim's group , Isle of Love story, you can rez a few items there but please clean up after yourself when you are done.  I noticed on the info card that you can receive while there that the owner of the sim Daisy Kwon designs several themed sims a year and if you are in the group  you will always  be kept up to date with new developments. Thank you to the designers who share their love of SL with us so we can also enjoy what they see with their eyes.

There is a Flickr page for adding your pics of Love Story that you can find here :
 Flickr group  and now here is the link to the SL